Property Coaching

Over the many years of appraising and listing properties for sale, attending open inspections, talking to countless potential buyers from First Home Buyers to experienced repeat buyers and assisting people with their property investments I have noticed that many people underestimate what is there to know and consider when buying or selling property.

Sellers often struggle with the decisions of how to chose the right agent, how to best market and sell their property, how to price and prepare their property for sale etc, just to name a few topics.

For many buyers, especially First Home Buyers, the property market is just one big maze and they often feel overwhelmed by the load of information that needs to be digested, who and what to trust and the fear of making the wrong decisions.

Finding the right finance solutions is another world on its own and every lender in the market has their own lending regulations.

It gets even worse for investors as they need to consider financial planning, tax implications, where and what to buy, becoming a landlord, insurances, finance options and the list goes on.

On top of it they get bombarded with the ever changing rules and legislations of property investment, political parties pickering about whether to keep or abolish negative gearing and countless firms trying to sell them the investment opportunity of the decade.

Negative Gearing: a hotly discussed topic. But do you REALLY understand its implications and what it means to your property investment aspirations?

Have I hit the nail on the head? It's actually all of the above and more that led to the realisation that there is an enormous need in the market for unbiased and independent advice. There is no size fits all as everyone is different, has a different story, different motivations and different goals.

However, everyone should educate themselves before they sign anything on the dotted line.

Harold Wolf - Premier Property Coach will teach you what you need to know to make informed decisions in your property quest and to feel confident and empowered when stepping onto the property stage.

The financial investment into our coaching serviceis small but will save you not only time and head ache but potentially a lot of your hard earned cash.