Buyers Agency - We Search, Locate and Negotiate Property

Is your property hunt going nowhere? Are you wasting your weekends on endless property inspections as nothing ever looks as good as in the photos? Are you missing out on properties as the market has moved on before you could make your move? Are you getting outbid at auctions? We understand the frustrations.

Buying property is a 2 stage process:

Searching for property is the time consuming but easy part. It takes commitment though to constantly monitoring the market, shortlisting and getting out there amongst the crowdsand inspect.

Finally you found a property that meets your criteria. Securing it is actually the hard part as you can be sure that there will be other buyers wanting what you want. You need to do your due diligence and research before making offers or attending auctions. This is where the race begins while you are continuing to manage your life which is probably busy enough.

A buyers agent will take all this off your shoulders. RealEstate4U will search, locate and negotiate property for you. You provide us with your brief and we will do the leg work for you, from the search to the purchase.

Think about it. Your buyers agent is your representative and he or she is out there every day in the property market. This will be your advantage ahead of your competition. Through professional networking a buyers agent will often know of properties before they hit the market and many properties nowadays change hands in off market transactions.

RealEstate4U will be on your side all the way and will make sure that you are buying the right propertyat the right price and won't let you being carried away in a bidding war.

Our speciality is property investment. Before we venture out to find the right property for your needs there are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked. Just buying a property that you might like and putting a tenant in does not necessarily make a good investment decision. But this is exactly what we have observed over the years a lot of investors are doing. Please proceed to the "Investing' page for more clarification.

Contact us to explore this service further and we guarantee you that our fees are more than competitive and worth every cent.